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Lutein’s role in protecting the eyes from age-related macular degeneration begins at birth.

WHEN the macula, the central area of vision found on the retina of the eye, loses its light-sensing cells, this can result in an inability to read, drive, see fine details or recognise faces. This is known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and affects those aged 60 and above.

The principle cause of AMD is exposure to blue light which is present in all kinds of lights – from fluorescent light to candle light – and predominantly found in sunlight.

Fruits such as mangoes are rich in lutein.

Unlike ultraviolet (UV) light, blue light is visible. Blue light waves are what make an object appear blue and even in yellow light, you can still find blue light. You don’t need to look directly into a source of light to be affected by its glare because blue light waves are very short and scatter easily.

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Bukit Tinggi 法国村 


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Hey...welcome and for dear all my readers!!!

I just add my blog a mixpod!

Finally got the background music for my blog!

Let's listen the music while reading my post !

Hopes that you guys wont get bored ...aza aza fighting !

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Throughout generations the stresses that women face has changed and evolved. Back in our grandmothers youth or even earlier the attitude towards women was very much a sexist view. Women had their place in society and it was that of a good wife, mother and homemaker. It was unheard of for women to dare to dream, have careers or make decisions for themselves or their families without the consent of their husbands. Single mothers, teen pregnancy and divorces were a rare occurrence back in those days and if it was to take place it would be frowned upon with great scrutiny. Today, how times have changed. Women are independent, liberated, and free to make their own choices and to be the masters of their own destiny. These day’s women are very much self sufficient and a man is not required to be successful and live a happy and satisfying life.

In my career I have had the pleasure of working with many different people from various ages, races and cultures, including the elderly. Working so closely with aged people has opened my eyes to the vastly different lifestyle they experienced in their younger years to that of today. It is quite humorous to see that so many of them still judge a person on whether they are single or married. Several of them often question my relationship status and when I have answered single, a look of shock comes over their face. I have even been asked “why, what is wrong with you”! I can understand that it is difficult for the elderly to fathom why a beautiful 24 year old girl is still single, as this was uncommon in their youth. But I find it hard to believe when this kind of outlook comes from a person who is not that different in age to me.

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Blogging Activation


So here goes, I have decided to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and start to write about my life. Not really sure where to start or what I am hoping to get out of this. A part of me had a sudden urge to share my thoughts and feelings, perhaps in a mission of self discovery. Writing to me has always been therapeutic, it clears the mind and allows the soul to be free. Lets face it we are all on a journey, in a pursuit for happiness and fulfilment in life. If this is a means of reaching my aspirations and to show how much I grow, change and learn throughout my life time then I feel it to be a very positive exercise. Let the writing begin...

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